HueCIT welcomes leaders from LogiGear Company to visit the Center
1/20/2022 1:33:05 PM
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On January 18th, 2022, LogiGear visited HueCIT (Thua Thien Hue Center of Information Technology) on cooperation in training and recruitment of Information Technology human resources for the new branch in Hue city.

On the side of LogiGear Company delegation, there were Mr. Denny Nguyen, President and Director of LogiGear Vietnam; Mr. Vuong Bao Long, Vice President of LogiGear Vietnam and representatives of the technical, administrative and human resources departments of LogiGear.

On HueCIT side, there were Mr. Le Vinh Chien, Deputy Director; Mr. Do Xuan Huyen, Head of the Division of Education and Training and other members in the related field of education and training.

At the meeting between the HueCIT and LogiGear

LogiGear has more than 25 years of experience in the IT field, specializing in software testing. LogiGear's headquarters are located in the US and Japan. Particularly in Vietnam, LogiGear has established two branches in Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang city. Currently, LogiGear is implementing a plan to open a branch in Hue and set up a new office in the Learning Resource Center building - Hue University. With many potential projects, LogiGear has been and will need a lot of quality human resources. Therefore, LogiGear came to HueCIT for the cooperation in training and developing Information Technology (IT) human resources. LogiGear in particular, and at the same time promote labor market connection between employers - businesses and employees in the IT field in general, thereby realizing the need of 10,000 human resources working in the IT field by 2025, serving the socio-economic development needs of Thua Thien Hue province.

At the meeting, LogiGear introduced about the new branch in Hue and the recruitment plan of IT personnel expected in 2022 in Hue branch with the number of up to hundreds of people. Thereby, the company also expressed its desire to be supported by HueCIT, introduced candidates from the center's students, and requested HueCIT to cooperate in training software testers to meet the needs of employees. of LogiGear in particular and human resources for society in general.

As a department of the People's Committee of Thua Thien Hue province to act as a focal point to support businesses in the field of IT to invest in Hue, as well as a place for education, training and providing IT human resources, HueCIT is always ready to support and create the best conditions for IT businesses, besides HueCIT is also looking forward to opportunities for IT human resources training cooperation, introduce human resources to IT businesses and companies.

During the meeting, HueCIT and LogiGear also exchanged and discussed more about the support and development policies in order to attract and bring IT human resources from others provinces and cities across the country to work in Hue city. many policies to keep good human resources after completing the training programs will stay and work together to develop the province's economy.

In order to meet the plans and goals of the two sides, HueCIT and LogiGear will have more discussions and work sessions as well as agreements between the two parties. In the immediate future, HueCIT will coordinate with LogiGear to organize some testing seminars, as well as participate in testing training courses organized by LogiGear in the near future.

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