Introducing the application of Hue Festival 2016 for mobile devices
4/27/2016 9:38:47 AM
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In the recent time, in the desire for the development of Hue city and Festival Hue, Thua Thien Hue Center for Information Technology (HueCIT) in collaboration with other local agencies and units designed “Hue Festival 2016 app” for tablets and mobile phones.

The Application development group for Hue Festival 2016 has been established. In this group, Gosu company in Hue is responsible for designing the interface and constructing the presentation on mobile devices iOS and Android. The company also supports the server and transmission line for the application. Hue Industrial College is in charge of constructing performance on the Windows Phone platform. Hue Festival Centre provides necessary information and application for Hue Festival 2016 and is in charge of data and content. Thua Thien Hue Center for Information Technology builds the background for data transmission. In addition, at Hue Software Park, Mr. Tran Anh Tuan, the director of StarSoft Company, with programming experience for mobile applications has played an advisory role in creating the app with useful information and convenient features for users. 

This is a friendly app for citizens and travelers to Hue. It can make the image of Hue Festival in particular and Hue city in general more beautiful and closer to promote the development of Hue tourism. 


The official interface of the application Hue Festival 2016

Hue Festival 2016 app helps local people and visitors search the full schedule of festival activities and information of the artists and performing groups or choose their favorite shows, find their way to the venues with integrated map and set a reminder notice for each program. There are also the latest and updated news, essential information and a lot of other interesting contents of Hue Festival. It also provides visitors with the information of accommodation, cuisine, entertainment, reliable shopping centers as well as the historical sites with cultural heritage, landscapes, and villages. Specifically: 

1. View Hue Festival programs:

- View details of a program: program content, time, venue, ticket price.

- See schedule.

- See the list of performers.

- View detailed information of Artist Groups.

- View artist schedule of the delegation.

- Find information about the program, artist groups.

- Allow using offline after the first data loading.

2. See a list of locations on the map.

- Show venues of the festival on the map

- Show the ticket booths on the map

- Display a list of programs fare

- Support to identify the location of accommodation, restaurants and attractions.

- Call directly the phone number provided in the information.

3. See related news of Festival.

- See related news of Hue Festival

- View detailed content of an article: Allow storing the pictures of that article; Favorite news (which will be saved in personal items)

4. Store personal information.

- Store favorite items to see.

- Store set notifications to remind when the program is going to start: Allows editing the time of 1 notification. For example, the user has set a notification of a program15 minutes before the opening time (when the program starts at 20:00, the system will notify at 19:45). If you want to notice it sooner or later than 15 minutes, edit the time.

- Clear notification if unnecessary.

5. Watch ongoing programs in the specified radius with the location of the user

Select My location and the application will automatically search for the ongoing programs at that time.

For example, I was standing at the Citadel at 9h15 while there are 3 programs taking place around that location (the radius can be optional), the map will show the venue where the programs are on. I can select the venue for the program information.

Details in Hue Festival 2016 app

Visit right away to download the software or search for the keyword: “Hue Festival” in the App Store, Google Play, and Microsoft Store to download and use this free app.

A working session of Hue Festival 2016 development team

After Hue Festival 2016, this application will be developed and expanded not only to provide information of the Festival, but also that for the local culture and tourism. This will surely be a useful information handbook about Hue tourism.

The guiding video clip to install and use the application Hue Festival 2016

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