Opportunities for IT students in Hue
12/31/2015 10:32:58 AM
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In the morning of December  20th, IT Thua Thien Hue Center forInformation Technology (HueCIT) collaborating with the Faculty of Information Technology - Hue University of Sciences organized a scientific workshop with the theme "Career for Student - Some considerable solutions". The program attracted more than 500 students studying IT in the Thua Thien Hueprovince to participate in.

This is the first time the program was held with the aim of finding effective solutions to help IT students in the province find jobs. It provides for IT students a complete picture of the current careers and orients for them in the future. Thus, it helps IT students make right plan for their career choice.

At the seminar, Nguyen Dung, Vice Chairman of Thua Thien Hue province said: "The demand for IT human resource to serve the goals of local development for society and economy is very large. Besides,we alsoprimarily focus on developingthis field. If students are well-prepared with the knowledge and skills to meet the job requirements, career opportunities are surely open for them".

Mr. Le Vinh Chien, director of Thua Thien Hue Center for Information Technology,
is sharing useful information with students in the workshop.


At the workshop, there are 15 reports, speeches of teachers, scientists, managers, researchers, businesses and collaborators in the country with the theme: Discussion and guidance for future career of IT students.

These reports focus on career orientation andneeds in the job market of the IT industry in Vietnam and abroad, coordinating and training between application andresearch orientation; associating learning and scientific research of students with career opportunities; new technologies being applied in enterprises as well as soft skills and career opportunities for students.

"Currently in Hue, there are 25 units operating in the field of software, 15 units of which are doing outsourcing for Japan, USA, Australia, Singapore, Europe, South Korea, etc... These unit has invested good infrastructure on the basis of professional management technologywith international standards. The personnel of these units are well-invested in skills and foreign languages so there is a high competition among them ... This will be a good environment for the students to access and try after  graduating"- said Mr. Tong PhuocMinh, the representativeof PI Software company.


A lot of students participated in the workshop of career orientation.

To solve the immediate problem for ITstudents, Mr. Hoang Quang, the head of  ITFaculty - Hue College of Sciences said: “from 2015, the IT department has established the "Fund for Career Orientation" for students of the faculty. Student with good academic achievement (GPA of 7.5 courses / semester)and in difficultconditions can get a loan with 0% interest rate to buy computers. Also, the college also began attaching the training with the needs of businesses. Especially, we also cooperate withsoftware companies like FPT Software in Danang to ensure the quality output, reduce the additional training of enterprises for the graduate. This will improve the efficiency of training and attract more IT students in the future. "

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Video recording some images of the workshop (source: TRT online)


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