HueCIT deployed a website for South-East Asia Breast Cancer Symposium
8/12/2016 4:14:55 PM
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Recently, HueCIT has finished buiding the website for South-East Asia Breast Cancer Symposium (SEABCS). This is also a forum for experts from all over the world and in The South-East Asia to present as well as discuss methods of diagnosis, surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy for early and radical breast cancer treatment – one of the most popular cancer of women, in both developed and developing countries and areas in the world.
With the address - run on two languages systems are English and Vietnamese, the website provides those who care all the information about the symposium as well as the related issues without limitations in languages.

The website is built with main information outline and displayed clearly, simply, and in details about the symposium information, programs, speakers, how to contact sponsors, how to resister, accommodations, etc. as well as attractive tours at the symposium place in order for everyone to know and book tickets without spending much time doing research.

Within 3 days, from 24th to 26th of July, the South-East Asia Breast Cancer Symposium 2016 (SEABCS2016) held by Thua Thien Hue Beast Cancer Association organised in Hue City. This is the first time an international symposium in Breast Cancer has been held in Vietnam and officially recognised in global scale. With the advertisement on the website, HueCIT has contributed to the success of this symposium as well as brung Hue closer to people all over the world.

Main interface of the website for South-East Asia Breast Cancer Symposium 

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