HueCIT and VITPR Company signed a contract for the cooperation in training and recruitment
1/25/2016 5:03:58 PM
Xem cỡ chữ:
In the afternoon of January 22, 2016, Thua Thien HueCenter for Information Technology (HueCIT) held a ceremony of cooperation in training and recruitment with the limited company VITPR with the participation of representatives of nearly 20recruitment units in the field of information technology, art and graphics  as well as students, candidates seeking employment in these two career fields.

Being a provincial business unit, HueCIT’s mission is the link between employers and candidates in the process of needsexamination, designing training programs, developing quality human resources to meet timely for the job market in the field of information technology, graphic arts which are increasingly vibrant and constantly growing in Hue currently.

According to Mr. Le Vinh Chien - Director of the Center of Information Technology: "Among the orientations and objectives for IT, The closely related objectives of teaching and learning since 2005 of the Government is Training information and communications technology in the universities to have advanced qualifications and quality in the ASEAN region.That 80% of student information and communications technology after graduating from the university have enough professional and linguistic competence to join the international labor market must be ensured. So far, under general assessment, we are still quite far from this goal. Thua Thien Hue province in recent years has issued many documents to promote the development of ICT. These include content relating to human resources, the connection between schools, businesses and the state. We can say that this is the time when IT is concerned, vigorously promoted.With the function of training high-quality human resources for the province with significant programs such as Hue-AptechInternational Programmers, Arena multimedia graphic artists, etc... HueCIT recently has become a prestigious destination of the employers in the process of searching for manpower.The trainingquality of HueCIT is again strongly affirmed whenstudents after graduation aremostly sought by the employers and found a job. "

Mr. Le Minh Khoi - Directors of VITPR said: "VITPR is a young and promising company with the orientation in software and graphic art development with a wide range of international customers. Currently, the company has about 30 official personnel and 10 students from IT Faculty - University of Hue as collaborators. During the search for candidates for large projects, VITPR chose HueCIT as a prestigious unit for training the candidates that the company will recruit right after graduation. The demand for the Company's personnel in the year 2016 was 130 people and this number will rise even higher in 2017 and 2018. VITPR hopes that with the active support of HueCIT, VITPR will achieve their recruitment goals in the coming years. "

The ceremony will be a prerequisite for HueCIT with other recruitment agencies in and outside the province to cooperate and get real human resources quality and meet the job requirements immediately after graduation without spending time to retrain as normal recruitment process.

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